Dec 26, 2009

Wedding cake for Zyzy and Shamsul

Zyzy emailed me asking whether I'd make her a wedding cake based on a picture she gave and that her function would be on 27.12 (which also happens to be her bday). She was the first one to commission me to make a 2 tier fondant wedding cake and I was honoured when she trusted me with the same.

Nonetheless, prior to doing her wedding cake, I had a few opportunities with fondant cakes and alhamdulillah they were very good experience and that the outcome was a good boost for my confidence bearing in mind that I do not have any formal training with wedding cakes!

The 2 tier fondant wedding cake that I did for Ju was made of fruit cake as requested by her and hence the texture of the cake was firm and strong and heavy. The wholly covered with fondant Tinkerbell cake I did for Yasmin and Abby was only one big cake - which was my chocolate chiffon cake. Both gave me the required experience and confidence in dealing and making fondant cake .... but apparently it was not enough for me... well, not up to my expectation for Zyzy when I did her wedding cake.

Zyzy wanted a choc cake as choc is her fav and was just happy to comply hence I baked 10" round pan bottom tier and 8" round pan choc cake for the top tier. The cake was baked and was ready for my decorating the night before Zyzy's reception.

This is how it turned out the night before and I was pleased with it:

... cause Zyzy told me to keep it simple and I am very confident with the taste of my vanilla buttercream and choc chiffon cake and was just dying to share the pic with her ... but Zyzy said she wanted it to be a surprise... of course I respected her wish... after all it is her BIG DAY... and what the bride wants the bride gets right?

Anyways, when it was time for Zyzy and Shamsul to cut the cake, I went up to the stage to take some photos and to my horror!!! The cake was looped sided! I did a post mortem of my actions and I believe that my moist choc chiffon cake (the bottom tier - despite the dowels inserted) was unable to support the weight of the 1.5 kg plus top tier cake. Yes peeps, my choc chiffon cake is very very very moist - that is all I can tell you.

I was devastated!

After the reception, I apologised to Zyzy for the above and that she doesn't have to pay the balance (For wedding cakes - I require 50% deposit and that the balance is to be paid after delivery) and consider it as a wedding gift from me!

This is someone's very very special day and of course I wanted the wedding cake I did for them to be of splendour and grand! It was not up to my expectation for Zyzy and her loved one.

Despite Zyzy telling me that they loved the cake in terms of both the deco and taste - I know that I could have done Better for her!

Nonetheless, it was a very eye-opener experience (but am not happy cause it is at the expense of someone's special day and someone as sweet as Zyzy and her kind hubby) ... From now on, For tiered fondant cake I will only use Fruit cake due to the texture and firmness of the same and to avoid any similar calamity.

I am always and will always be nervous every time I do wedding cakes... which is exactly why I'd be pouring out my heart and soul into the decorating of that one cake peeps... I believe you all should already know me by now ...

Anyways, thanks for bearing with me with this long entry - which is why each project holds a special place in my heart ... it has its own story behind it and how I enrich my experience with every project.... and which is also why I strive to ensure that each order will be accompanied with its own story so I could look back and remember ... and so will the customers and readers and recipients of MyCupcakes.

These are pictures taken at the reception:

Thanks Zyzy and Shamsul for the order.
Again thanks for trusting me with your wedding cake and am glad to be a part of your big day.
Hope the two of you will have a blessed and happy wedded live together and be blessed with many many children!
Enjoy your cake!



Zyzy said...

Ello sis..just came back from honeymoon..wahh..happy to c that my wedding n the cake is featured in your blog..:-) n'way, tq so much for the cake! We love it so much!

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