Dec 30, 2009

Congratulations to Eda and Wan

A new found friend ... from work related to cupcakes ordering... Eda has found her other half Wan and will tie the knot this coming Friday (1.1.2010) ... Congrates Eda and Wan! May you wedded life be blessed with Allah swt' grace and blessing and have lots and lots of children to enrich your lives!

The sweet thing about this order is that ... when Eda and Wan came to our Hari Raya Open house.. they look like they've been together for ages ... but apparently they just met each other and just "click-ed"... this is what we call JODOH ya ... =)

They told me that when there is a CUPCAKE order from them... then I would know that something "official" will soon come follows... and the BIG DAY is finally here!!

These are for Eda on her Akad Nikah day:

For own consumption:

Enjoy the pictures!

Congrates Eda! Congrates Wan!
Insyallah.. will go and pengilan =)



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