Dec 20, 2009

MyCupcakes' first official ENGAGEMENT CAKE

My friend Mahathir introduced MyCupcakes to his sister Kak Mela who wanted to order a cake to be given to her niece as one of the engagement gift (hantaran) and she told me that the theme was white, silver and maroon...

I thought the pink added a nice and sweet touch to it.

Initially I planned to use a silver ribbon for the cake but decided to use the pearls instead to highlight the rose buds that I did for the cake... turned out beautifully!

Made the roses myself... and added a touch of gold lustre....

Here it is peeps:

MyCupcakes' first official Engagement Cake:

8" round pan
fruit cake
Starting from RM150
(subject to deco/requests - do inform us if you have something in mind/what's your budget is like - let's see where we can go from there k)

Enjoy the pictures!

Thanks Mahathir and Kak Mela!




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