Dec 21, 2009

MyCupcakes' first official Anniversary Cake

There seemed to be a lot of MyCupcakes' entry which starts with FIRST OFFICIAL this... FIRST OFFICIAL that... hehehe.... it's because we're still taking baby steps at this cupcake and big cakes adventure.. and hence every new project is a FIRST and an OFFICIAL one... =)

Another big project of mine is an Anniversary cake ordered by Syah for his parents... this cake is meant to be part of their surprise anniversary dinner/function for his parents. He requested for two (2) fondant figurine for both his parents.

Re: Baby item
And that there are to be five (5) baby items - to symbolise his five siblings...

Re fondant figurine:

I like doing figurines.... and Insya Allah with a lot more practise and know how I would be able to make more life-like and more detailed features of MyCupcakes' figurine... Actually (kindly refer to previous entry - MyCupcakes' first 3 tier wedding cake (without pillars)) I met Syah's mom when I delivered his wedding cake... she's petite and small... yet my "makcik" figurine.. is ... how to put it more delicately... hmmm... not so slender as I planned it to be... but in my defence, I only saw Syah's mom AFTER I made the figurine ;)

I soooo want to be as good and that my fingers as nimble as my idol: in coming up with such beautiful beautiful life like figurines...

In due time peeps... With practise... and more practise.... in due time... baby steps ya....

Anyhow, this is it peeps MyCupcakes' first official ANNIVERSARY CAKE:

13" square pan

chocolate chiffon cake

(Price Range RM100 - RM150)

Subject to requests of deco - or you could simply give us your budget and we can always work out something for you k!

Enjoy the pictures!
Thanks Syah for the order.
Am honoured to have made this cake for your parents.

Regards and sincerely


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