Dec 26, 2009

Double order by Raynee - small world

Remember when my friend Elsie told me that MyCupcakes brings people together? This is so true with my junior Raynee... Apparently, she is married to my junior back in school (both SRK Merpati Jepang and Kolej Abdillah) and that she works at the same place as my husband's cousin.. two of them actually... this is Kuching peeps ...

... everyone seems to know everybody and somehow or rather you will find a connection here and there.

Anyways Raynee ordered the following:

Gift box 1 (xmas gift for her friend):

6 pieces of vanilla cupcakes
2 fondant deco
2 fresh cream
2 buttercream deco

Box 2 - for own consumption

6 pieces of vanilla cupcakes with fresh cream
3 pieces of vanilla cupcakes with buttercream deco for Aisya

Thanks Raynee for the order!
What a small world ya!

Raynee, Did you see how my little ultraman wanted to eat on his own at Zyzy's wedding reception/goes off wandering on his own? Which is exactly why I am oblivious to the world when I am ... anywhere ... with my son.. total and full devotion to him... so again, if any of you happens to see me.. and am with my little Ultraman.. do say HI k...


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