Dec 26, 2009

Anniversary Surprise cupcakes ordered by Halim

Halim, a colleague of Raynee, ordered nine (9) pieces of MyCupcakes meant to be surprise anniversary gift for his beloved wife and that he requested for specific orders and designs for the same.

Here they are:

1. A bunch of roses
2. Halim (heart) Eda
3. Big heart
4. Happy
5. 15th
6. Anniversary
7. Two rings
8. I heart you
9. One big rose

Thanks Halim for the order.
Thanks Raynee for being MyCupcakes' promoter at your office =)

Later I found out from Raynee that when Halim picked up the cupcakes from our place, his wife was also in the car and apparently she didnt know why and what they were doing at our house. Lomantik lomantik hooo...


Later I found out ... that apparently En Halim was not really happy with the deco I did for him and that he expected more of me and my work ... This kind of comments of course saddens me ... but it is also a kind reminder to myself to always always step up my game and always always try to deliver to the very best of my abilities ... which I do strive to do with every decorated cupcake and big cake that I do...

I would like to think and I do believe that I am honest with my work... and that my work should reflect my hard work in each and every deco that I do... and ... in cases where there would be time when my customer is unhappy with what I have done... this too should be out in the open and be known to my peeps and cupcakes and cakes enthusiats... I will take both the good and the bad reviews and put them to good use..

and hence peeps... be it GOOD or be it a BAD review... do be HONEST with me... I promise I will not take heart with any ... cause that is exactly how we move forward... learn from our mistakes and improve for the better!!

Regards and Sincerely




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