Nov 12, 2009

PRINCESS Cupcakes for Kak Tuty's daughter

Kak Tuty ordered thirty (30) pieces of MyCupcakes for her daughter's bday and requested for a princess theme. They are to be packed individually to be given to her friends at school.

Here they are:

Thanks Kak Tuty for the order!


Kak Tuty picked up the cupcakes from my house roughly around 630am... after sending off her son to school (which is just somewhere behind my house)... sorry for the morning and "baju tido" look ... eh au natural look la Kak Tuty.... hahaha...

.. and Kak Tuty was really happy with the deco cause Coincidentally... her daughter was giving away "tiara(s)" to her friends at school and it fits the princess deco I did ... How nice...




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