Nov 12, 2009

New item in MyCupcakes' CAKE menu - CHEESE CAKE

I have been wanting to watch Rachel Allen's baking show but somehow or rather I will always miss her show which airs on Fridays @ 7pm @ 703 (Asian Food Channel Astro)... and it just so happen, I was baking quite late (most probably I started late cause my son doesn't want to go to sleep) and at 2am in the morning I finally manage to catch a rerun of the show and imagine me... at 2am scribbling recipe on an envelope (The only paper I could find in the middle of the night) while watching Rachel make the easiest CHEESE Cake recipe I have ever seen!!!

So i had cheese cake thoughts of this (I'm like this until I give it a try) and somehow I have been quite busy throughout the week and put up a wall post on my facebook. (Do add me peeps if you like - just add me using my email k).... and my expecting friend MAS, requested that I bake for her this cheese cake.... peeps, as you all know, what an expecting mommy wants an expecting mommy gets right!

So i finally found time to bake my cheese cake! My first attempt at it. I baked one for own consumption - for the approval of family members first of course - my SIRIM =) and one for Mas. She asked me to charge her but I thought it'd be nice to just give her (and the baby) the cheese cake...

So here it is peeps:

8" round pan
1kg Plain Cheese Cake
RM45.00 (Un-decorated)

With deco - fresh cream only (compliments the taste of the cheese cake) RM55
Note: Any other requests for deco - kindly provide me with details and charges apply accordingly.

Now our house has endless supply of cheese cake ...
Cause whenever I have an order for cheese cake I'd just easily bake one extra pan for home =)

Further note:
I've got to find time to sort out my BIGCAKE Menu... but just in case you need to find out anything or couldnt find the information you wanted in my blog.. just text me or email k, would be glad to help.

Thanks peeps!

Take care!


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