Nov 29, 2009

MyCupcakes first OFFICIAL 2 Tier fondant cake - Part II

(Pic: Courtesy of Ju)

... Continued from previous entry....

Remember when I said the cake looked nice by itself like this:

I was wrong! It looked so much more wonderful with Orchids (Edible)....

Price starts from RM400 (Price varies subject to deco/difficulty of request/work involved)(but do tell us what you have in mind - and what's your budget like and we see what we can do for you)

This was a really good experience for me! Tiring.. but definitely a good one!

Based on the work/time/materials/effort done I now know and will now know how to charge accordingly. It is a gigantic feat peeps making wedding cakes! But I am sooo happy with the end result and it was worth it!

My heartfelt thanks to Ju and other half for trusting lil amateur me to bake and deco their wedding cake! I am proud to have been a part of their big day and that MyCupcakes' first OFFICAL 2 Tier fondant cake has finally made its debut ....

I couldnt have done it without my loved ones esp Erwin and Ee who painstakingly carried (with a worried look on their faces that they might just drop the 10kg cake!) the cake from the car to Ju's house... Thanks to little Emir too for being such a good boy while mummy was busy completing this gigantic task!

It is confirmed peeps... I loooooveeeee doin this... can you tell wink wink...

Do enjoy the pictures peeps and thanks for ever so patiently reading my entry and sharing my little journey...



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