Nov 10, 2009

My SECOND attempt at covering a whole cake with FONDANT

Dayang wanted to surprise her husband, Man for his bday with a special bday cake (Wed @ 11.11.2009) and since he doesnt quite fancy choc nor vanilla, so she ordered cheese cake from me. She gave a pic of how she would want the cake to be vide fb.

She wanted the wordings HAPPY BDAY MY DARLING and requested for only one (1) cat figurine but I added the other one and the little mouse as "bday gift" for Man, who happens to be a close friend of mine since school.

I was happy with Dayang's order cause I would have a chance to practise covering a whole cake with fondant for the SECOND time and the fact that my cheese cake is only 8" in width it was a great opportunity at that. It will further build up my skill and confidence as I have a 2 tier wedding cake for Ju for her reception on 29.11.2009.

I learnt a lot from my previous first attempt and from all the mistakes I made. I know now what NOT to do.... My friend, Ira helped me a lot on this. Patiently answering my questions. All this came down on the day of covering the cake and yipppeee yea yea I did it peeps...

Take a look ... my second fondant cake with figurine:

The surface was rather smooth as oppose to before
It did not sweat at all unlike the first time

Insya Allah, I can do this with more confidence.. which would come with practise of course!

Anyways, do enjoy the pictures!

Had fun doing this and the fact that my second attempt was a wonderful improvement... I would be more confident for my future orders which would require me covering a whole cake with fondant

Have a happy happy bday Man and do enjoy your cake!

Thanks Dayang for the wonderful order and your confidence and support in yours truly!



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