Nov 1, 2009

Last minute - for MRSM Kuching

Azura from MRSM, Kuching ordered sixty (60) pieces of MyCupcakes on sun (1.11.2009) and that the function is to be mid day tuesday (3.11.2009) which means the pick up then would be on Mon (2.11.2009). I was contemplating whether to take this order or not due to the time constraint and such short notice!

Luckily, the deciding factor is the Rawi sisters.... they ordered nine (9) cupcakes each over the weekend so adding extra baking batches was ok and that her requests were simple enough - 35 pieces to write LDP (Background blue with the writing in grey colour) and the other 25 pieces to write BWP (Background brown and writing in yellow).
So I said yes and here they are:

Note: But peeps... do order in advance k... atleast 2-3 days prior to pick up day for simple order... as per my instructions...! Makes my heart go bom bom pow only with this kind of Amazing order...

Despite the short notice, I just don't have the heart to say NO to ppl... A weakness? My strength? hmmm...

Anyways, Azura was happy with the order and apparently it was meant for her students.. So enjoy the pictures!



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