Oct 3, 2009

MyCupcakes' FIRST 3 Tier Wedding Cake - Pre Assembly

Atika, who happens to be a chambering student at our office and have completely her one year of pupillage got married yesterday, 3.10.09. Congrates Atiqah and Alhamdulillah...

Throughout her chambering period, of course I have to show and share with her and all my other colleagues all of MyCupcakes' designs when we're at the office... (cough)... when we're not busy that is hehehe... and of course I will be making some cupcakes for her VIP table... all 20 of them.

And that was the plan. Cupcakes right? Of course that is what MyCupcakes' is all about right? CUPCAKES!

Intermission: CUPCAKES story first and foremost:

The fondant top deco duly prepared



Initial of the couple's name A & K

All the twenty (20) cupcakes all packed in their individual packaging - ready for the VIP goodie bag.

Chocolate and vanilla cupcakes topped with buttercream - decorated with full fondant top.


Let's move on to our 3 tier wedding cake story:

Then, in my previous and earlier entry, I baked and decorated two (2) cakes for my sister and her colleagues and based on this entry and experience, Atikah thought it'd be nice if I could make her a 3 tier cake for her wedding and of course, I jumped at this opportunity to see whether I can do it or not!

I asked her repeatedly, like a million time whether she's really sure about letting lil amateur me do this gigantic task bearing in mind my only experience with decorative cake is just that.... one (1) kg cake ... one small cake is one thing, but a wedding cake is a whole new game altogether! and the fact that it's gong to be a three tier makes the task even more humongous for a first timer like me!

Why can't my first wedding cake be a one tier... nooo.... it had to be 3 tier of course! You know... start small.. then move on to a more challenging request...but no I had to do a 3 tier for my first wedding cake... what was i thinking?!!!

Mixed feelings of course peeps - excited with the task at hand and completing the challenge... butterflies in my stomach the sizes of elephants... as this is my first time... after all this is someone's big and special day and you would never... no no no... mess it up!

We had a talk on how she would want her cakes to be... agreed on the design etc... so design and deco - checked!

Next, I had another problem - storage. Where would I store all three cakes? When Atikah first asked me about the wedding cakes, I only had one huge fridge at home where we store everything and everything if you know what I mean... When I said yes, out of the excitement... this never cropped out in my head until the excitement has died down... Later on I finally got myself a new fridge... ok, checked - storage problem solved.

Next obstacle - How then would I bake huge size cakes with my mini sized oven? The request was made prior to BAGUS' closing sale.... then courtesy of my cousin, I got myself a bargain for this huge oven... so baking problem... solved and checked! Not to mention the heavy duty mixer I got... so mixing huge batch ... no problem - checked!

So here are some of the pictures taken prior to assembling the cakes on the actual function day:

My 12" covered with vanilla buttercream

(used a whole lotta of butter and sugar - but of course I made sure that the taste of the buttercream is... of course "just nice" with the sweetness...)

My 12" bottom tier - filling vanilla buttercream

The cakes resting in the fridge
Just enough space to store my 14" cake board which holds the 12" cake

The fondant roses I did weeks ago - for the top tier decoration -

Atikah wanted the green roses, I added the white ones and later Atikah thought it'd be nice to have pink ones too...

My boxes ready for transporting the three cakes/cupcakes

(The plan is for my brother to drive and my sister and cousin will come along to carry the cakes/cupcakes)

I am all set but am worried to my stomach about sticking in the pillars the morning of the event... and the bumpy journey to Dewan Suarah I suppose would be one of the longest journey in my life (apart from the first time bringing my son home from the hospital).

I hope that my assembling the cakes will go without a hitch at the hall tomorrow.

Will update soonest! Bye peeps!

Take care



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