Oct 3, 2009

Anniversary cupcakes

Fina ordered twelve (12) pieces of MyCupcakes to be given away as an anniversary gift and MyCupcakes are flying all the way to KL.

Her requests were to have I HEART YOU, J&A, Butterfly, flowers (like the ones I did for my sister's friends' vip table) and that they are to be in baby pink colour and baby blue colour and to be packed individually. I liked how the colours turned out and am happy when Fina told me that they are exactly how she wanted them to be.

But the thing was, she ordered full top fondant deco with the above said details on Monday and fondant do take time to dry completely and all twelve (12) pieces were dry in time for her pick up on Thursday night (as her flight to KL was suppose to be the day after and that the function was to be the next Sat). But out of the 12, the slightly thicker flowers, (3) of them weren't completely dry (mainly due to the rainy weather on Wednesday)(if you carefully look at the pictures... they looked slightly shiny - it is because they are slightly wet) ...

So I called Fina on the day of pick up and told her about the flowers and was of course praying that the flowers would be completely dry for Fina's Saturday event.

That is always the concern when fondant is involved! The fact that it rained on Wednesday didn't help much!

By the way I met Fina at Sarra's sister's engagement majlis.

Note: Will update on outcome of flowers once I have gotten input from Fina

Got sms from Fina:

"The flower dried perfectly. The cupcake are perfect. They loved it. Thanks...."

(**Phieeww... sigh of relief! and happy happy =) )

Anyways, do enjoy the picture:

Thanks Fina for the order! Boh jerak aaa...


Anonymous said...

hai there...

The cupcakes are perfect..exactly I imagine it would be.. James like it a lot and kamek terpaksa stop nya from eating all of the cupcakes..

Our frens madah your cupcakes are cute..adorable and yummy ( they exact words btw)..

I am impress that color nya exactly what I have in my mind..regarding the flower..minor problem which been resolve and the cupcakes are in perfect form in time for the function..

Thanks Dear..Kamek sik jerak..kelak2 order agek kay

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