Sep 3, 2009

Romantic Birthday themed cupcakes

Niza, a friend of Fieza (yes their names rhymes I know =) ) ordered nine (9) pieces of MyCupcakes to celebrate her husband's 31st birthday. According to Fieza, Niza left all the deco to me and so long as they have a romantic themed, then it's fine enough for her.

Unfortunately I missed out on her requests that the cuppies are to have a purple and white theme-d! =(

But I made the cupcakes as "lomantik-lomantik" as possible for Niza and alhamdulillah she loved them!

And I just found out that Niza was the one who ordered the Red and white theme cupcakes to celebrate father's day .... I didn't know about this (I came to know of this when Fieza told me while waiting for Niza who was on the way to our place) because sometimes the arrangement would be made where Fieza would pick up the cupcakes from our house and she'd bring along the cupcakes and pass them to her friends at her work place. But this time around, Niza came to pick up the cupcakes personally.

So here they are:

Thanks Niza for the order!

cukup lomantik lomantik owh =)


nyza said...

cukup lomantik. sgt2 berpuas hati.. hehehe..

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