Sep 8, 2009

My little kaaap-kek promoter

My little kaaap-kek promoter

Our little one Emir Effendy (1 year 7m++), our precious little bundle of joy is turning into a running and climbing unstoppable machine...

He's learning new things everyday and his vocabs is increasing day by day..... and one of the things he can say now is kaaaapp.. kek and everytime our customer comes for pick up and I'd be showing them their cupcakes, he'd join in the conversation (with his tiny little finger pointing at the cupcakes) by saying kaaap... kek

And if you ask him (that is if he's not shy at the time), what is mummy baking? Split second answer - kaaap kek... hahaha

According to his nanny(ies) at the nursery, sometimes he goes around chanting the word... kaaaap... kek.... hehehe... he's promoting mummy's cupcakes to all his buddies hahaha...

Just something nice to share on this once in a life time date 09.09.09



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