Sep 8, 2009

Excitement excitement

Mas from Bintulu really made my day!!!!

I have been thinking about this kind of order and have been dreaming about doing this... it's just that I don't have the time and sometimes you kind of need a push to do this kind of order. Plus am doing this based on my own research and studies and gut feeling.... I do wish I can join classes for this... insya allah, in due time... one step at a time ya!

Her requests are brilliant as per samples e-mailed to me and I do hope I can live up to her expectation especially so when she said ".... it means a lot to me".... pressure pressure.... but pressure is a good thing, remember back in our uni days when assignments are due or we have exams tomorrow but yet zero reading has been done.... you know what I mean?

So I told Mas that I would make her some sample first =)

Am sooooooooooo looking forward to this and I think my hubby is even more excited that I am... he downloaded videos/tutorials/how to videos for me... and finally we're going to get to use our "garlic press" tool (*hint hint) which he got me ages ago....

Will put up pictures of course sooooonnnnnn...... it's an on going project and under going construction now =)



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