Sep 6, 2009

Look what I got for my birthday!

I have been grilling my family for my birthday gifts ... without shame... hahaha.... but only for things that are useful and practical for MyCupcakes' adventures!

Look what I got from my sister:

Thanks Ken =)

Look what I got from my cousin:

(wooden cake turn table - will put up pic later)

Thanks Milah =)

Look what I got for myself (Crazy crazy buy):

(New oven)

(New Mixer)

Got them from BAGUS clearance sale - courtesy of my ever so determined cousin, Gayah Suhaili @ Kak Teng.... actually with all the stuff she got from BAGUS, she could open up her own BAGUS chain at her home...

Note: Of course there must be a go-go green light from hubby.... =)

Happy birthday to me! Happy birthday to me!

May Allah swt always always keeps me in His grace and blessings..... and I thank Him for MyCupcakes...

... and with all this new tools (actually there is soooo much more things I want and need for MyCupcakes' adventure... but this will do... for now)


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