Aug 31, 2009


Siti, vide facebook - ordered fifty (50) pieces of MyCupcakes to celebrate her daughter, Faeza's 6th birthday. Siti is a friend of Afifah and Bob and ordered the cupcakes as requested by Faeza after seeing MyCupcakes on fb. She requested for an "Under the Sea" theme and specifically requested for Turtles, Sebastian the Crab, Nemo and Howie d Shark, among others.

So here they are:


My fav of the lot! They are soooo adorable! Turtles!

Siti said her son thought they looked like ultraman - hahaha... 2 in1 deco =)

Sebastian the Crab. By far the hardest of the lot ...

A friend said he looked like Slimer from Ghostbusters... yup again... 2 in 1 deco =)

Howie d Shark.


When Siti requested for the under the sea theme, I have already envisioned in my head, the sea weed in the blue water and the blue sky which I did for the above said collection. But when Siti came over to the house, she wanted individual packaging instead, so kesian to Faeza's friend who got the the sea-weed or the clouds.... but sea weed are good for you *wink *wink.... otherwise I would have made sure each individual packaging to have a cartoon character. It would have been more fun to be have cute-sy turtle or nemo instead of sea weed right?

Anyways here they are:

The ensemble.

Enjoy the pictures!

Thanks Siti for the order...


Feels like a song coming... "under the sea.... under the sea..... (sebastian's version)...


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