Aug 19, 2009

Cake and cupcakes for SiaSineq Cafe

My in laws has been selling yummy-licious nasi lemak, laksa and ayam penyet at their place and have finally decided to open up a cafe at Jalan Rubber (the same row as Bombay Masala) and the cafe is named Sia Sineq Cafe. Right now they still operating during night time until they are fully settled in.

Do come and check out the delicious home-cooked meal by mummy =)

The wonderful thing about MyCupcakes is that our trade makes it easy to whip up some cakes and cupcakes as a gift and in this case as a Cafe warming gift.

Chiffon choc cake decorated with fresh cream and buttercream topping
Choc cupcakes with the signature colours and logo of the Sia Sineq Cafe.

So here they are:

Enjoy the pictures!

May Sia Sineq Cafe be blessed with good business and make a whole lotta of moolah... =)



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