Jul 25, 2009


Kak Linda (Kak Irma's sister - I baked MyCupcakes and decorated her birthday cupcakes with the outdoor and sporty theme? (Refer to previous entry)) has some brilliant jewelleries collection in her http://www.qacaq.com/. Do drop by and shop people!!!

She ordered thirty (30) pieces of MyCupcakes and requested them to be decorated as per her qacaq collection and of course was thrilled with the order. Erwin bought smarties, sugar drops to see whether they can be used as "gem stones" but the only ones suitable were the SUGUS gummy candy.

See if I manage to capture the essence of her qacaq collection? If you can identify which piece of jewellery was drawn unto MyCupcakes, then I have done my job.

Oh ya, Kak Linda also requested that I draw her qacaq logo unto MyCupcakes but I couldn't fit the logo individually so had to improvise and made one BIG logo assembled from six (6) pieces of MyCupcakes.

Remember people... come on everybody! Say it together..... http://www.qacaq.com/

So here they are:

(Mixed flav)(Choc/Vanilla with choc chips with vanilla buttercream frosting.


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