Jul 25, 2009

BEN 10!!!!

My friend Sue ordered forty (40) pieces of MyCupcakes on behalf of her sister in law to celebrate her son, ILHAN ARIF's 5th birthday! (What a nice and very regal name for a boy. MyCupcakes like-y).

Sue told me that her nephew is a "antu Ben 10" (obsessed with BEN 10 and have tonnes of BEN 10 items and merchandises) which calls for a BEN 10 themed cupcakes of course!

When Sue made the order, I told her I had extra edible images of BEN 10 and so her sister in law agreed to add the fifteen (15) edible images of BEN 10 to her order.

Actually, both my husband and I are BEN 10 followers and avid fan too... hehe... BEN I believe is a good character and role model for kids. He's well mannered, a problem solver with a very positive attitude. Not forgetting funny too!

This time around I was more confident drawing the characters from BEN 10 and was quite happy with the result and I particularly lurrrve my OMNITRIX!

So here they are:

(Mixed flavour) Vanilla with choc chips/Choc with vanilla buttercream frosting


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