Jul 29, 2009

Special request combo

Norisa, a new found friend and customer from facebook ordered MyCupcakes with special request combo as I'd like to call them - ten (10) pieces of MyCupcakes with simple fondant deco (mix of hearts, butterflies and flowers), to write HEPI BDAY YATI, to write unto MyCupcakes the names of her children, dad, mum and nenek (2 of them).

I put up pictures of MyCupcakes in my facebook and she liked the "cake" drawn unto MyCupcakes in one of my collections so wanted one to be added to her order. I didnt know which ones to take away otherwise it won't fulfill all of her orders in the first place, so "senang ajak" (not a tough decision).. just add one more of MyCupcakes for her.. on the house =)

So here they are:

Thought purple/violet creme colour would be nice and sweet

Choc cupcakes with vanilla buttercream frosting


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