Jul 30, 2009


My sister has been very supportive of my new endeavour with MyCupcakes and so has her colleagues and friends. They are well aware that I am at present has only been starting out with MyCupcakes officially since 2.5.2009 in MyCupcakes... which means I have been specialising in MyCupcakes or in other words CUPCAKES and CUPCAKES only.

Despite knowing this, my sister told me that they would like me to bake CAKES (Yes, in fact two (2) of them!!) because I told my sister there is no way that I can bake one (1) HUGE cake with my present mini little oven that I have and am currently using.

I am thrilled! Scared! Intimidated! Excited!

The stress and fear for an amateur baker like me is that ... "the cake" might not turn out nicely baked but the stress and fear is evenly distributed among the individual cupcakes but this time around all might and effort is concentrated in the outcome of ONE... in this case two (2) cakes!

Wish me luck people! Will update and of course put up pictures.

I kinda have an idea how they might turn out in terms of the decoration... and do hope and pray that the two (2) cakes will turn out as how I would envisioned them and fulfill the hopes and expectations of my sister and her friends (in terms of both visual decoration and taste!).

Uuuuuu...... cant wait!!!!


Anonymous said...

u can do it im soo sure it'll turn out so well like ur yummy cuppies!-fieza

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