Jul 13, 2009

Pink Girlie Bday theme for Syaeeza

Syaeeza ordered twenty four (24) pieces of MyCupcakes for her birthday and requested them to be pink/girlie/pretty themed and to write unto MyCupcakes HAPPY BDAY SYAEEZA 16. She e-mailed/sms-ed me her order and for a 16 year old I am impressed with her mannerism - very polite and mature for her age in terms of presenting herself and her orders. Kids nowadays!

Prior to that her mother, a lovely lady called me Puan Suzana regarding the method of payment (wherein you have to make your payments upfront- as to avoid non-pick up/last min cancellation ). We had a nice chat and basically came to a conclusion that kids nowadays have their own minds and know what they want and like and in this case, Syaeeza wanted cupcakes instead of the traditional cakes for her birthday.

I decided to add one (1) cupcake for her to make it an even 25 pieces and added an extra tiered cake to her cupcakes.

Enjoy the pictures!


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