Jul 6, 2009

"Flowers" as Birthday Gift

My sis' colleague ordered fifteen (15) pieces of MyCupcakes for her sister's birthday and requested for flower theme.

I know I just decorated Ilot's cupcakes with "basket of flowers".. but I just luuuurrveee them and I had to put them in MyCupcakes for her. My fav!

It just so happened that I made some fondant daisies earlier using my new daisy flower cutter and thought it'd be nice to add to her requests.

The story of the "roses".

When my sister told me about the flower request, the first thoughts that came to mind was "ROSES"! I was ADAMANT to add roses to MyCupcakes for her. I slept at 2 am! God knows how much sugar was involved to get the stiff consistency I needed for the buttercream as to enable me to pipe the petals!

Finally, the work and the sleepy deprivation paid off.... i managed to pipe Four (4) roses for her! Do wish Kak Shanti was there with me!

Here they are:

Vanilla cupcakes with vanilla buttercream frosting


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