Jun 28, 2009

Special Request for Anniversary

My sis' friend requested for "apa-apa ajak" (which literally means "I leave everything to you and your discretion").. even in terms of no of MyCupcakes but then again, she specifically requested for bikini (and specifically requested for bigger b**bs as oppose to the ones I did for Kak Irma (blush blush) cause she found them to be hilariously funny), make up kit, baby bootie, baby bootle and I HEART YOU to celebrate her anniversary.

The thing is that she did order once from me but unfortunately I had to say NO due to time factor and last minute request and MyCupcakes' calendar was quite packed at the time. This time around she ordered MyCupcakes for her anniversary and was inspired after visiting my blog and seeing the designs of MyCupcakes which I did for Kak Irma.

Oh ya, and I made one (1) camera for her husband who is an avid camera man. See how the camera turned out in the pictures below and see if you can identify the said camera.

This is how they turned out:
Baby Bootie

Baby pacifier
The ensemble of baby bottle, baby bootie and baby pacifier

Bikini .. had a good laugh making this one =)
I didnt have enough time to do the bikini top so just had to do the necessary and cover the "essentials" only


Make up


The ensemble

Enjoy the pictures!!!

Choc cupcakes with vanilla buttercream frosting


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