Jun 28, 2009

MyCupcakes Defeated!! Car logos!

My friend Shafiza ordered twenty five (25) pieces of MyCupcakes (and one (1) piece of MyCupcakes for her husband) for her brother SHAH's 25th birthday. She specifically requested for sports cars such as Fairlady, Evo, RX8 etc to be drawn unto Shah's cupcakes and I was so excited with this orders and also had visions of RED FERRARI among others..
Knowing myself and Erwin, we'd do research on our customer's requests and printed out pictures of above said cars as guidelines for the decoration!

MyCupcakes' work place - must always be organised and tidy!

I tried and I tried and all the cars I did turned out to look like toy cars ... sob sob...

I was all prepared to see the end result wherein you'd be able to identify the sports cars which were decorated unto MyCupcakes (that is how we regards as success when it comes to decorating MyCupcakes if such are based on actual designs).

There I was with my prints and Erwin's laptop ready to deco... but for almost 1 hour, I tried and tried but each car drawn turned out looking like TOY CARS and none as I have imagined them to be!!! I tried and I tried but alas.... MyCupcakes defeated!! This is the first time that I am unable to comply with MyCupcakes' special requests!

I called Shafiza and told her about this and suggested that the decoration on MyCupcakes for Shah to be substituted with car logos instead. She said it was ok and that I have one (1) year to practise to draw all the sports cars for Shah's birthday next year! Gosh.. so sweet of her! Sob sob! I do wish that I could have decorated as she wished!

But putting that aside, I proceeded with the decoration and this is how they turned out to be:

As I told Shafiza, I am happy that she is happy with the substituted decoration for MyCupcakes

for Shah's birthday but

it would have been nicer if I could have given her what she wanted and

how she wanted MyCupcakes to be in the first place.


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