Jun 16, 2009

New tools for MyCupcakes!!! Happy Happy Joy Joy

Hi peeps!

I am SO HAPPY! The tools of the trade I ordered online from http://www.2decoratecakes.com/ has arrived!! I had to order them online cause I couldn't find any such tools here in Kuching.. sob sob...

Anyhow, their services is so fast ... seriously ... by the time i walked from the fax (after I have faxed my payment details to them) machine back to my pc.. they have replied that they have received my fax and that they have processed my order and a few seconds later another e-mail came informing me that the package has been picked up by PosLaju!

Could hardly sleep that night thinking about my order and the day after Erwin kept calling me asking whether my package has arrived or not! Haha I think he was more excited about this that me =)

Don't worry yang, we'll do more online shopping for MyCupcakes soon...

Hopefully our plan to go to KL to shop for MyCupcakes will materialise soon... Insya allah

I ordered my tools on Tuesday morning and the package arrived Wednesday morning! How's that for a fast and efficient service!

I can't wait to use them and let us see what we can create and make MyCupcakes beautiful...using them k... will keep you posted!

Here they are:


Azah said...

Wah cayalah Annor..cant believe u so into this now..hehe..anyay there is this blog that am addicted to..probably can inspire u..
Have fun dear...

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