Jun 19, 2009

MyCupcakes as Gift for Engagement

Atiqah's sister ordered nine (9) pieces of MyCupcakes to give away to her friend's engagement event as a gift and all she told Atiqah to tell me was that "apa-apa ajak" (Literally means - I leave all the deco in your hands and it is all up to you!)...

After baking the cake and the cake has cooled down, I kinda took my sweet time deciding what to do with them.. usually I'd be prepared in terms of decorating MyCupcakes by drawing and colouring my planned decoration in my drawing book so I know exactly what to do/how to design them... but this time around.. I just let it be and decided to see how it'd go on the decorating day..
So this is how they turned out:

Choc cupcakes with vanilla buttercream frosting
How did MyCupcakes do?


Caledonia said...

My Cupcakes did VERY WELL!!! I love it! =D

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