Jun 21, 2009

MyCupcakes joined Cupcake Decorating Class by irabakery

When I first started MyCupcakes or when the cupcake bug bit me... all of MyCupcakes were lovingly made based on self-taught methods/experiments/reading/research on the net and basically MyCupcakes had NO formal training...

Nonetheless, I have been meaning to join a proper class where I could actually learn how to deco properly/learn the tricks of the trade... and to achieve one of my aims (among others).... which is to learn how to pipe a buttercream ROSE...

I went online in search for a cupcake decorating class here in Kuching and I found irabakery.blogspot.com @ Kak Shanti Farida. She put up pictures of her cupcake classes and I found my friend Marini in one of the pictures. And it turned out... Marini is also Kak Shanti's friend (Gosh Kuching is such a SMALL town where everybody seems to know everybody!)

The class was held last sunday (21.6.2009) from 9am - 1pm at Matang. Further details can be obtained from irabakery.blogspot.com

Actually, (just a quick one) before I tell you more about the class. Prior to this class, on the Thursday of 18.6.2009 I had a meeting at Federal Building Simpang 3 where the meeting was also attended/arranged by En J who represented his company. En J and his colleagues knew of my new endeavour with cupcakes and I was happily telling him that I'd be joining a cupcake class that coming weekend. Guess what?! The first thing he said was "Are you joining Shanti's class?". And one of my friends, Hasmiah also knows this Kak Shanti personally.... Sigh... Kuching IS such a SMALL town... En J didnt tell me exactly how he knew Kak Shanti and that I am to find out myself from Kak Shanti but both he and Hasmiah did tell me to send his regards to Kak Shanti...

Anyhow, there were just three of us. Myself, and I made two new friends, Ida and Kak Aji Jamilah. Ida and I are in the same boat... and Kak Aji Jamilah (whose parents are also involved with baking) who was there to learn how to bake for her grandchildren as she is anticipating birthdays and other such events for her grandchildren... Kak Aji told me that back then there will always be "palak meja cake" for Hari Raya whereby the cake (usually fruit cake) will be beautifully adorned with royal icing (her father used to make this kind of cakes) and will only be eaten (usually) after one week of hari raya atleast... I didn't know that honestly... Well, you learn something new everyday...

"Palak (head of table) meja (table) cake" here is referring to a "Cake as a centre piece ".

Later Kak Lin also joined in the class.. and guess what?! Kak Lin is apparently En J's daughter hahaha and as I said earlier... (Gosh Kuching is such a SMALL town!) and it turned out Kak Shanti is En J's niece.. sigh... I don't mind repeating this... (Gosh Kuching is such a SMALL town!)

I learnt a lot from the class and had a fun time learning. I learnt how to vary the consistency of my buttercream and yeay! Most of all, I am happy to say I can also pipe buttercream roses but I do still need more practise!

My buttercream rose... sigh.... dreamy...

Any how, these are some of the pictures taken of cupcakes which I decorated during the class:

We learned how to pipe basket weave, elmo, shell piping, rose, rosette, leave using buttercream.

The fondant designs were baby pram, baby sleeping underneath blanket and small bird/duck.

Thanks Kak Shanti! Had fun and learnt a lot from you!
Once I have mastered cupcakes ... Insya Allah I will move on to CAKES...

Kelak kamek join kelas kek kitak ok ("would love to join your cake classes in due course") =)

I didnt bring my camera that day, so now have to wait for pictures from Kak Aji Jamilah and Kak Lin and Kak Shanti. Will put up more pictures once I have received the same from them k!

Happy happy joy joy


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