Jun 14, 2009

Happy Father's Day for Haji Man who loves flowers

Munira ordered ten (10) pieces of MyCupcakes for her father Haji Man to celebrate Father's Day. Muni is my neighbour and wanted to surprise her father with MyCupcakes. She left all the decoration to me.

I have known Haji Man since I was a kid and the fact that he loves his flowers gave me ideas on how to deco MyCupcakes.

I saw Haji Man and Mak Aji Pong this morning before I went off to work and they were happy with MyCupcakes and actually gave me two (2) thumbs up! Am beaming with proud because they come from both people whom I have known for ages and they fact that they too are in the cakes/kuih business!

So here they are:

My first attempt at piping Sunflower and it has been soooo long since I last wrote in Jawi =)

Thought the jawi writing was a nice touch for Haji Man

Am happy =)


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