Jun 21, 2009

Birthday cupcakes for Adzlan with Musical Theme

My friend Azreeny ordered twenty five (25) pieces of MyCupcakes for her brother, Adzlan's 18th birthday and she wanted a musical theme for him! Great! This is my first order with such theme and was looking forward to doing them!

Azreeny @ Mama to Elisa and baby Darwisy told me that both kakak and adik approved of the cakes! Yeay! The last time I gave Elisa cupcakes, she preferred the buttercream better than the vanilla cake itself, but this time around she prefers the cakes! Yeay! Happy happy! Cause children are the most honest customers one can ask for and apparently kakak told her mama that it would have been nicer to have chocolate inside the chocolate cupcakes! This comes from a 3 year old, I tell you... so clever... kids nowadays aaa... you don't play play aaaa

So, here they are:

Choc cupcakes with vanilla buttercream frosting

Enjoy the pictures...

I particularly liked how my "electric guitars" turned out! =)


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