May 31, 2009

Green and White Engagement Theme

Fieza's friend ordered sixteen (16) pieces of MyCupcakes for her cousin's engagement and uuuuhhh... I was thrilled because I wanted to bake and deco MyCupcakes for such event and what better way but to promote MyCupcakes!
I am a firm believer that The quality of work must speak for itself!
Fieza's friend actually requested for MyCupcakes with buttercream frosting decoration only and to have green and white theme.
But I told Fieza that I'd like to take this opportunity to showcase what I can do for engagement/wedding events for that matter/basically building my growing portfolio for MyCupcakes.
So basically Fieza's friend only paid MyCupcakes as per her requests and they rest are on the house... MyCupcakes' house for that matter hehehe

Here they are:

Chocolate cupcakes with vanilla buttercream frosting

I just loved how they turned out!
What do YOU think?

And I do hope that I'll get more orders for engagement ceremony/wedding events because I just LOVE to create beautiful cupcakes that would suit events such as this one!
Am also looking forward to cater to specifically tailored MyCupcakes for corporate branding...


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