May 21, 2009

BEN 10 for Sue

Sue ordered from me MyCupcakes having a Ben 10 theme but honestly I am terrible at drawing images! I have this visions of children screaming and running away from MyCupcakes cause they were scared looking at my distorted versions of Mickey, Pooh, Pokemon, Spongebob, Patrick... etc etc.. I told you... So the drama!

Luckily my other half is the total opposite of me and he can draw! Yeay!!!Just lovely!!! I think for future orders having anime characters/cartoon characters, I'd just commission him to draw for me =)

These are first attempts free-hand drawing made by Erwin:

Took Erwin like less than a few seconds to draw these two

so li-hai one =)

Can you tell which characters they are from Ben 10?

As for Sue, I did promise her and I told her that I have been meaning to give her some of MyCupcakes and so that is just what I am going to do... So you just wait ok Sue! Once they're ready for pick up will sms Haffiz to come over to our place k!


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