Jul 2, 2012

Engagement Cake

This was a lucky last minute cake for Kak Mon (Emir's nanny at the nursery).  Apparently there was a last min invite from her family for her nephew/niece (I cant recall) and of course it wouldnt be nice visiting a family function empty handed right...

In fact I had a birthday cake to attend to and I always always bake extra in the event something were to happen (contigency cake/Plan B cake)... and once I have attended to my order, I had the extra cake and contacted her whether she would still like me to make the engagement cake.

And here it is... LUCKY - because I had an extra cake... LAST MIN .... I decorated the cake the nite before the function... but it turned out sweet and simple.. just the way I like it... just place it on the talam and we're good to go...

Well, enjoy the pictures.... but dont make this a habit... if you would like to order from me.... please give me plenty and ample time please.... alright?



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