May 6, 2012

Emir's little table at his kindy

Emir's kindy had their yearly fun filled activity day (colouring competition etc) (last 6.5.2012) and they also invited the public to set up a table and sell goodies etc on the day.

So I thought it would be nice to have Emir's little corner selling whatelse... yummy desserts... Gave some thought and decided to do something different... so I make huge size cookies, brownies (cut into bard) and oreo cupcakes (frosted with choc buttercream and put one whole oreo on top)...

here are some of the pictures taken that day... enjoy!

with my heart and soul...

look at what we found... Emir's art work!

Amani also came to support abang Emir in his colouring competition

view from my table

awwww... he surprises me sometimes...

Oreo cupcakes with chcolate buttercream and one whole oreo on top!

huge giant size cookies!

initially he did not want to join the colouring competition because he wanted to play outside...
but once he started... he had lots of fun with his friends

proudly showing his art work

Emir and his bestfriend Adib



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