Dec 4, 2011

Wedding Cake for Wiwie & Rudie - Kompleks Dewan Majlis Islam @ 3.12.2011

Wiwie also requested for a wedding cake for her wedding reception.   I was informed that it was going to be a purple themed wedding... and based on sample of pictures of cakes provided I came up with this design ... a bit of here and there .. a touch of this colour here and there.. somehow at the end everything falls into place... bliss...

... and I was particularly happy when I saw the pelamin... can you see how the cake somehow beautifully
blends into the theme and background..  Alhamdulilah ....

... and those are handmade roses... the huge butterflies and flower fillers are bought ready made ...

After I have finished arranging the cupcakes and placing the last touches on the cake (ie the butterflies)
I actually went to the florist to get some roses...
I wanted to spread those lovely petals to compliment the whole look..
 then only I was fully satisfied with the whole ensemble and look! :)

am really pleased with the butterflies.. somehow it added a feel of completion to the cake ...

bye-bye my labour of love ... what a beautiful cake you have been :)
Happy wedded life Wiwie and Rudie!

With love
Kak Anor


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