Sep 15, 2011

Red angry Bird (II)

Ok, this is actually the second angry bird I did (the first one was made for Kak Norisa for her bday) ... Adyan's cousin was celebrating his bday and wanted an angry bird cake and so Leen ordered this for me as bday gift from Adyan to his cousin...

To tell you the truth at this point in time, I couldn't possibly and didn't understand the angry bird craze going about this time (because I have never played the game before) .. and still is... so this angry bird was done solely based on the pictures I found on the net without actually knowing the full extent of the game.. the look of it etc... (which eventually lead to a better version of angry bird cakes - both I did for Adyan and Syafiq ie:

I apologize as the sequence-ing of the posts is actually going backwards - serves me right for not updating my blog since April, 2011... but I do hope you just bear with me and just enjoy the pictures and the snippets of stories attached to it...

I know now what to do.. there will the scenery and all other elements of the game that should be incorporated into the cake.. anyways... always room for improvement.

Thanks Leen!


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