Sep 16, 2011

MyCupcakes' first 5 tier wedding cake and the venue is at BAU!!!

My dear Peeps...

Remember I said I wanted to keep the entry(ies) simple... but for this entry, I HAVE to make an exception...

This is my first time making a 5 tier fondant wedding cake and the venue is all the way at BAU!!!   What an experience it was!!

When my sister told me that her friend wanted a 5 tier fondant wedding cake... I jumped at the chance of doing it.. but when she told me that the venue is at BAU... my heart sank for awhile.. driving all the way up to BAU with 5 cakes and assembling the cakes there... SCARY!!! but nonetheless I was up to the challenge!!!

So here it is peeps.. our very first 5 tier fondant wedding cake :)

Basic summary of the whole surreal experience:

busy at work.. hall was warm...
the cake was already sweating when we were putting the final touches and working on/assembling the cakes...
 it's only 6pm (function starts at 8) but guests have started arriving... 
1. function was held at Kpg Sg Siput Bau (1hr drive from kch)
2. function was suppose to start at 8.. but by 6 guests were already arriving..
3. the table for the cake was set up on the stage and there were spotlight glaring and focused on the stage - note the musical instruments at the back
4. no air cond in the hall
5. re spotlight and non air cond hall: very warm hall/humid condition - and not so good for fondant work...
6.  stomach and heart were tied in a knot until the cutting cake ceremony was completed ...

... but i sure learnt a lot from completing this order! still have a loooong way to go but I just love doing this..

bye bye cake..
my heart and stomach was tied in the knot until the cake cutting ceremony is completed 
Thanks for following our journey ...


Note:  My sister attended the wedding and alhamdulillah the cake was standing strong for both the bride and groom :)


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