Sep 14, 2011

Happy 6th Birthday Adriana Batrisyia

Kak Adlin has always trusted in MyCupcakes to make cakes and cupcakes to be part of the wonderful celebrations in her life and this time around it is to celebrate Adriana Batrisyia's 6th birthday at school.

And... I thought what better way (Which is exactly why my sister told me that I don't make a good businesswoman.. which is true.. but then I am in the business of making people happy right.. so if my customers are happy then I am happy... so everyone's happy... so it is a wonderful cycle... and I am a firm believer that.. the more you give.. the more you will receive.. and that is how life should be:)

Anyways... I made her a 13" vanilla with chocolate chip cake (that is the biggest cake I can fit into my fridge - otherwise I would have made her a bigger one hehe) and the theme as requested - garden theme ..

So here it is.. enjoy the pictures!



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