Apr 16, 2011

Happy birthday Mummy (Nek Mi to my kids)

see that little one there... who just simply couldnt wait to eat the cake..
luckily the cake made it to bday grandma in one piece...

Erwin called me at work telling me that that day (13/4) was her mom's bday ... so the first thing that crossed my mind was... "Luckily there is a cake in the house for me to deco" :) Alhamdulillah...

So once I got home from work, I whipped some buttercream and decorated an 8" vanilla cake and tadaaaa...
there you go... one birthday cake ready for mum in law dearest..

Happy birthday mummy... thank you for being such a wonderful mother in law to me and grandma to my kids... May your life be blessed with the grace and blessings of Allah swt...


Emir Effendy & Amani Faiqa


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