Nov 14, 2010

Cupcakes as currency.. how cute!

Azlinda told me that her 9 year old son, Imran is having an inter-class sale cum year-end party on 15.11.2010 and that he requested for 10 cupcakes " so good that everyone wants to buy my cupcakes"...! (but of course Imran... Aunty Anor won't have it any other way!)

Imran's preference for deco:

2 - chelsea logo
2 - manchester united logo

6 - girlie stuffs - So I made some make up, tiara and butterflies as requested/suggested by Azlinda..

(one special request was to include IRMAN's name with heart deco design)

Azlinda also ordered 10 cupcakes to be given away as "thank you cupcakes" for both Imran and Hasya's teachers.

So here they are:

The ensemble:

Thanks Azlinda, Imran and Hasya for the order!

With love
Aunty Anor


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