Oct 22, 2010


Hui Min ordered a Lamborghini cake for her brother's 24th birthday and her requests are as follows:

1. Yellow lamborghini

2. To have the name JACK as the car plate

3. To have wordings "Happy 24th Siang"

Ok peeps ... enjoy the pictures!!

Front view:

Rear view:

Practise practise... hopefully the next time you see another Lamborghini cake done by me.. you wont be able to tell that it is a cake ....

MyCupcakes' very FIRST Lamborghini cake =)

Thanks Hui Min for the order! Was nice see-ing you again.


Anor @ MyCupcakes

Note: Hui Min later sms-ed me saying that her brother loved the cake and that the bday boy has not even cut the cake...

Further note: Am glad and happy. Gained a lot from this cake... with regards to the requisite height and size of cake for carving purposes... etc etc...


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