Sep 21, 2010

MyCupcakes is BACK!!!

Dear peeps and MyCupcakes' blog follower and cupcakes/cakes enthusiasts....

Firstly, am really sorry for the long absence... Am happy to say and share with you that there is something else baking in the oven.... Our second "production" =)

I am pregnant and in my second trimester. Yeay!!!
(if you like you could follow my progress/updates on my personal blog

Am much more up beat and more energised now (as oppose to my first trimester which lead to me taking the time off) and I do miss MyCupcakes...

So am happy to announce that we are back in business... BUT .... I have to be very very selective with my orders okey.... do check with me first whether I would be able to take your orders... and would really2 appreciate it if the orders can be made waaaaayyyy in advance (preferably 1 week or more before) ok.. so I can manage my time!!!!

Do understand that I have to limit my orders and that I may even have to limit to 1-2 order a week.... hence don't be disheartened if I do have to say NO to you ok... hence do manage your orders... order early okeh okeh


This is my first order for Ms Ayon Foxie - ordered 2 months before pick up 16.9.2010 ... hehehe
(after my 3 month sabbatical from MyCupcakes) :

I made the roses myself...

Fully assembled with the rest of the other fondant deco - really happy with how the colours turned out...

Tadaaaa... the final product...
Vanilla cupcakes with vanilla buttercream - top full fondant with fondant deco

What do you guys think? Do I still have it!!??
Enjoy the pictures!!!

Anor @ MyCupcakes
Petra Jaya Kch Swk


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