May 2, 2010

Happy Bday Sara, Adam and Keizrul

Kak Dewi ordered my 9" vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream frosting and that the bday cake is to be shared and to celebrate all three of her children's birthdays... all whom were born in the same month! Kak Dewi initially wanted one transformer edible image for her son but due to the short notice I could only provide her with BEN1O edible image and for little Sara I decided to use BABY Mickey edible image.

So finally I came up with this for Sara, Adam and Keizrul:

Since the cake was to be shared I had this idea of doing each side of the cake to represent the two bday boys and the bday girl so I came up with the following:

... this side of cake is meant for the three of them:

... this side of cake is for the BEN10 theme for the boys:

... this side of cake is for lil Sara - girlie theme:

... this side of cake is to have "things loved by kids" and meant for the three of them:

Enjoy the pictures!

Thanks Kak Dewi for the order!
Happy birthday Sara, Adam and Keizrul!

Anor @ MyCupcakes

I like to get inputs from my customers with regards to their cupcakes and cakes.. be it good or bad... so when Kak Dewi said that everyone loved the deco... I was happy... but also she commented that the cake was a bit hard... (I believe it couldve been left too long baking in the oven)... a lesson learnt there...

... I appreciate honest inputs like this.. so that I know if I have not lived up to my customer's expectation ... and that there will always be room for improvement!

I'll be brave about it ... promise ;)


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