Apr 19, 2010

PINK GIRLIE Theme for Azy's friend

The very talented duo of the Cookie Jar, Siti and her sister in law whom I have had the pleasure of being friends due to similar heartfelt love and interest in ... yes ... you've guessed it... cakes and cupcakes... have made the decision to be on a hiatus (which I hope won't be too long) due to personal reasons.

So Azy was referred to me by the esteemed Cookie Jar and as I told Siti whenever this happens .. nerves nerves ... as they would expect the creative work of the Cookie Jar. But I promised Siti that I wont let her down.

So Azy's ordered on behalf of her friend who wanted to surprise his mrs ... was for pink girlie fondant theme cupcakes...

And this is what I came up with...

flip flops


ini handbags

make up


The dresses

The ensemble ... all 28 pieces of MyCupcakes:

Close up:

Enjoy the pictures!
Thanks Ti!
Thanks Azy!

Note: I also would like to thank Allah swt, my family, my friends ... (pls read this in the manner of Hollywood stars accepting their Oscars) hehehe... so the drama.. I just couldnt help myself =) just had to type this in..

Anor @ MyCupcakes


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