Apr 23, 2010

Happy 40th Birthday

My sis' boss (uuu... Of course I would be nervous bah... it's my sis' boss' order after all) ordered my choc chiffon cake for his mrs who's celebrating her 40th bday. The only request he made was to write HAPPY 40TH BIRTHDAY.

I came up with the following cause my sister told me that his wife is a nurse and that she is still furthering her studies. I decided to make the nurse figurine (purposely made it a little hot mama for the bday girl ... a light hearted humor I suppose ...). I made books, a mortar board and a scroll of certificate. I kept the deco on the cake itself as simple as possible to make sure that my nurse "figurine" would be the centre of attention.

Here it is peeps:

Enjoy the pictures!


Anor @ MyCupcakes


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