Mar 3, 2010


My sister called me at 53opm (the day when we took Emir for his shot and the day he celebrated his bday with his friends at the nursery) and said that there is a request from her colleagues for .. not one... but TWO cakes... for their beloved colleague Mdm Loy.

... did I tell you that the function is THE DAY AFTER... yup, tomorrow... like today is Wed... and the function is tomorrow as in THURS... Hmmmm....

After some consideration and the main reason as to the function... I said Yes... despite being aware that I am still exhausted from all the running around and last night's time spent on decorating Emir's cupcakes and cake.... and the fact that I have to bake two cakes... and wait for them to cool... and deco... with no preparation prior to the same...

Anyways, here they are:

Enjoy the pictures.

I can do this once in a while when I am willing and adamant... but that is it... only in special circumstances ... but knowing myself.. I am sure there will be more amazing race cakes and cupcakes to come ...

Note: Gotta work on the flowers.


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