Mar 3, 2010

EMIR IS 2 - NURSERY (Part 1)

Emir turned 2 last Sun (28.2.2010) and to celebrate him turning 2 we thought that it would be nice to (but of course) ... to celebrate his big day with his friends at nursery (he calls it "school") ...

Emir's Cupcakes for his friends and his nanny(ies) (pengasuh):

I bought some edible images for his cupcakes.

I also made some stickers for his cupcakes. How nice it was to meet Eda from Edacupcakes who was also making stickers for his son's birthday party.

I think Emir's Cupcakes looked nice and simple. Mummy and daddy so happy with this.

Emir's Birthday Cake

I also baked one 8" vanilla sponge cake for Emir and I wanted to keep it simple - there is no need for fancy deco as the cake would be shared with kids and for kids - so long as there is sweet frosting then they are happy.

The cake was frosted with whipped vanilla cream and I sprinkled the same with lots and lots of colourful sprinkles which inspired the making of colourful fondant hearts/stars to match the same. I also made fondant lettering "EMIR IS" and used the no 2 candle from his previous birthday cake.

I think the cake turned out wonderful!

*End of Part 1


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