Mar 22, 2010


After all the drama...

... seeing all these ... makes me realise why I love doing this.... and it was definitely worth the time and effort!!!!

... congrates Tayteck & Juju ..

... and peeps.... now that you know what went into making this a success...

... enjoy the pictures!!!

The happy happy beautiful couple:

This is their main request - to have their names written unto the cake

My 14" choc cake wholly covered with fondant

names written in lavender light pink royal icing

flower fillers/fondant pink butterflies

My pride and joy:

I thought the two bears would make a nice touch to the ensemble.

Plus am so happy ... cause I just got myself the press lettering/imprint mat and this is my first time using theme...

Plus I am sooo glad that I found the pink with white polka dot souffle cups ...

Remember when I said that I was terrible at arts and crafts... believe it or not.. I made the tiers myself!!! Turned out nice and sweet if I say so myself =) just a little glue... ribbons... paper... and lots and lots of love poured into it ...

So, here it is peeps...

For Tayteck and Juju... am happy to have been a part of your big day!

.... now I am in need of a looooonnnnngggg break... but dont worry ... I will be back =)



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